If you’ve seen Jane Fonda’s workout videos from the ’80s, then you’ve certainly had a glimpse into the predominant women’s workout attire in that decade.

The ’80s active style was filled with leotards, bike shorts, leggings, belts, leg warmers, and headbands. And of course the brighter the ensemble, the better! Although bike shorts and leggings are major staples today, there’s no sign of a full ’80s comeback.

Is it possible to nail the ’80s aerobics look without donning spandex over spandex? Cue in the French cut leggings. 

French cut leggings are leggings designed with seams that run down the bikini line to create the appearance of high-waist briefs over leggings.

So should you snag a pair of French cut leggings for your next sweat sesh? I don’t know about you, but panty lines are the bane of my existence! Since these aren’t actual panties, you don’t have to worry about your underwear getting bunched up! These bikini seams create a sexy silhouette accompanied by some peace of mind. 

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After scoping out these French cut leggings, I thought the bikini seams would affect the range of motion, so I snooped into the reviews to confirm my theory. 

Happy customers on the Carbon38 website rave about how flattering and comfortable French cut leggings are. With a whopping 21% of sweet sweet spandex, these leggings can take you from yoga to night-out (crotch sweat permitting of course).

Pair your French cut leggings with a boxy crop top and block heels for a fun night out, or throw on a sports bra and sneakers and get your sweat on.

You can find the French cut leggings on the Adam Selman website or at any of the following retailers: 

  1. Revolve 
  2. Nordstroms
  3. Carbon38
  4. Net-a-porter
  5. Bandier

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