Today’s legging spotlight is on the Bombshell Sportswear Thigh Highs Heather legging. I spotted one of my favorite Instagram trainers- Michie Peachie- in these leggings, and I had to have them. I went straight to the brand’s website and saw the price- $86.Ummm, okay.

This Bombshell Sportswear legging comes at a high price point (creeping up to the cost of Lululemon leggings!). I don’t know about you, but when I find a pair of leggings that cost a week’s worth of groceries, I’m extra critical of its advertised value. After a full year of mulling it over (I’m not even kidding), I got them two weeks ago during a 15% flash sale.

So should you shell out $86 on a pair of Bombshell leggings? Here’s my review of the Bombshell Sportswear Thigh Highs Heather legging to help you decide!

bombshell sportswear reviews



  • Size: XS-XL
  • Fabric: Body (89% Polyester + 11% Spandex), Contrast Socks (94% Micro Poly + 6% Spandex), Sock Stripes (90% Nylon + 10% Spandex)
  • Care: Machine wash cold, no tumble drying, no bleaching, no ironing
  • Features: Moisture-wicking, Breathable
  • Price: $86

Description: Bombshell Sportswear Thigh Highs Heather Legging

The Bombshell Thigh Highs legging is a high rise sock-style legging designed for low to high impact activities. The Thigh High legging waistband is about 4.5″ wide with a 26″ inseam for size S-the inseam will vary with the legging size. 


The Thigh High legging is made from a combination of fabrics for the body, sock, and striped parts of the legging. The body is made from the softest legging material I’ve ever touched (really, it’s as soft and smooth as butter). Who knew polyester could feel this heavenly?!

From the thigh to the hem is the sock which is made from a Micro polyester/spandex blend; not as soft as the body, but it serves its purpose. This sock fabric has meshes for ventilation, which you may not notice until you hold the legging against some light.



These Bombshell Sportswear leggings will make a gorgeous addition to your active closet, although they are not the best bottoms for the summer. The body fabric- from waist to thigh- is thick, which is not great for working out in the heat, but means that the Bombshell leggings are squatproof.

While the Thigh High legging design accentuates and defines your thighs, the leggings do not shape or sculpt your booty at all! The contrasting grey-black colors may draw more focus to your figure, but they don’t give you the instant butt-lift effect you get from higher compression leggings with booty contour designs.


bombshell sportswear legging review

If you’ve seen any of my previous activewear reviews, you’ll find that panty lines and crotch sweat are the banes of my existence. The heathered fabric hides any VPL (visible panty lines), so you could get away with wearing your lacy hip huggers or other less incognito underwear.

However, you can still opt for seamless underwear with your Bombshell leggings, or try going commando in your leggings to avoid panty lines altogether. You should know that these Thigh High leggings are not fitted with a gusset, so going sans underwear may be less comfortable.

Bombshell sportswear leggings squat proof


These Thigh High leggings are billed as resistant to pilling, shrinking, and fading. I’ve only had these for two weeks, so I can’t comment on their staying power just yet. So far, the fabric feels like it wouldn’t pill easily. And even if it did, the heather design would hide it.

Bombshell Sportswear Thigh Highs Heather Legging Sizing Review

For reference, I’m a 27″ waist, 32″ bust (DD cup), and 38″ hip, and US clothing size 4/6. I’m 5’8″ and 146lb, and I bought the Thigh High Heather legging in size M according to their sizing recommendation (See the Bombshell size chart below).

The Bombshell Sportswear size chart gave me serious trust issues because they use height-weight instead of the standard bust-waist-hip measurements for their sizing. I’m usually a size S but I’m an M in Bombshell clothing. I even chatted with their online support agent and told her my measurements to make sure I was getting the right size!

bombshell size chart 1 bombshell size chart 2

My Recommendation? Follow their sizing suggestion.

Bombshell Sportswear Thigh Highs Sizing Tip:

I recommend going with the size chart. These Bombshell leggings are stretchy with a medium compression fit, so I wouldn’t recommend sizing down unless you are right at the boundary between two sizes.

Sincerely Active

Being on the boundary between M and L for my weight and height, the M fit just right for me. There was definitely no room to size down to an S (disclaimer: I prefer a relaxed fit vs tight fit), and sizing up could have been okay, but not as perfect.

bombshell sportswear sock legging review

What I loved

Here’s what I loved about the Bombshell Sportswear Thigh Highs Heather legging:

1. Fit: They form to your body nicely from waist to hem and do not bunch anywhere.

2. Style: These gorgeous leggings can take you from gym to street in a heartbeat. Best of all, the heather design hides any sweat!

3. Comfort: The fabric is flexible, SUPER soft, and the leggings fit like a glove. You’ll be happy to know that you can feel your money when you touch your leggings.

bombshell sportswear thigh high legging review

What I’d Improve

A few downsides of the Bombshell Sportswear Thigh Highs Heather legging:

  1. Seams: While the seams and stitching look very clean and tidy, I have to mention that the stripe seams are not so comfortable. This is my general experience with leggings that have aesthetically placed seams like the Alo Yoga Moto legging.
  2. Gusset: I love when brands add gussets to their leggings. This simple feature makes leggings fit more naturally in the crotch area and add a nice degree of motion.


bombshell sock legging review

Should You Buy The Bombshell Sportswear Thigh High Heather Legging?

  • Perfect for low to high impact activities.
  • Great for weight-lifting, Crossfit, HIIT, and lounging.
  • Perfect for athleisure styling.
  • Not for the frugal active chick.

How To Care For Your Bombshell Sportswear Thigh Highs Heather Leggings

Avoid excess heat from washing in hot water, tumble-drying or ironing as this can affect the strength of the fibers and degrade the fabric features. Instead, wash your leggings in cold water, and use a drying rack or opt for a low-heat tumble-dry setting. Also, avoid using fabric softener since it can seal the fabric, causing the fabric to lose its breathability.

Place your leggings in a mesh bag before throwing them in the washer. This will ensure that the mesh fabric doesn’t get snagged by parts from other clothing.

Remember to air out your workout clothes before your next laundry day to prevent the odor-causing bacteria from ruining your activewear fabric. Follow these steps to keep your Bombshell leggings in pristine condition!


bombshell legging reviews

Where To Get Bombshell Sportswear Leggings

You can find the Bombshell Sportswear Thigh Highs Heather legging in other fun colors and more interesting legging styles on the brand’s website.


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