Buffbunny is an activewear brand created in 2016 by fitness coach and youtube star, Heidi Somers. The fitness clothing brand features workout leggings, joggers, sports bras, shorts, tops and now dresses and skirts made of yoga wear fabric!

Buffbunny is truly dedicated to inclusivity with sizes ranging from XS to XXXL! (See other inclusive activewear brands here)

You’ve probably seen one of their most noteworthy workout clothes on Instagram or Pinterest, the marble collection featuring booty shorts, leggings, and sports bras in different cuts! I’ve been eyeing this set for a while and I’m sooo glad I snagged them for this review.

So should you try out Buffbunny activewear? Here’s my review of the Buffbunny Collection Caterina bra and Onyx shorts!

sincerely active: buffbunny  review

Details: BuffBunny Collection Caterina Bra & Onyx Shorts

Fabric: 73% Polyester, 27% Spandex
Color: White marble, black marble Care: Machine wash cold, no tumble drying, no bleaching, no ironing Features: Moisture-wicking
Price: $68

sincerely active: buffbunny collection shorts review


The Buffbunny Collection Caterina Bra

The Buffbunny Caterina bra is a halterneck bra with an open-back style. The thin non-elastic straps extend from the back to the back of the neck connected by a clasp. Also, the Caterina bra is cut high on the sides so there is enough coverage to prevent any boob spillage!

The one inch thick elastic underband and removable pads ensure support during low to medium impact workouts. The bra is double-lined with mesh fabric covered by another layer of fabric.

sincerely active: buffbunny collection leggings review

The Buffbunny Collection Onyx Shorts

The Buffbunny Onyx shorts are high-waisted with a four-inch-long inseam. The non-elastic waistband is made of a three-inch wide layered fabric for support. Also, the fabric is lightweight and breathable making it the perfect summer workout set. Although the fabric is lightweight, the Buffbunny Onyx shorts still have decent coverage when stretched out, a.k.a SQUATPROOF! You can take on leg-day well prepared without worrying about panty lines or sheering.

Buffbunny Collection Sizing Review

After scoping out the Buffbunny size chart, I purchased both the Caterina bra and Onyx shorts in size small. For reference, I’m a 26″ waist, 32″ DD bust, and 37.5″ hip.

Buffbunny collection sports bra sizing

Buffbunny Sizing Tip

Go with a size that’s within 1-2 inches of both your true waist and hip measurements. This fabric has 27% spandex, so if you’re in between bottom sizes, you can get away with sizing down.

Sincerely Active

Based on the tip above, I could wear an S or M, so I sized down to an S and it fits me perfectly! However, I followed the size chart for the Caterina bra and it worked out.

sincerely active: buffbunny collection reviews

What I Loved

  1. Fit: For someone who has never felt comfortable working out (or even just lounging) in spandex shorts, I was quite surprised at how confident I felt in the Buffbunny Onyx shorts. These shorts DO NOT ROLL UP while I walk (I just needed to say this in all CAPS!). I’m not sure if I can ascribe this magical feat to the long inseam or the fabric alone, but this combination of features definitely works. They might still roll up slightly during intense workouts like squats. (sorry to curb your expectations)
  2. Fabric: I LOVE this fabric. It is smooth, soft, lightweight, and super easy to wash! Howeverrr, it is not the most breathable fabric.

What I’d Improve

  1. Bra Support: This Buffbunny marble set would have had a perfect score if the bra straps and/or the band were adjustable. The Caterina bra is super comfortable but the option to control the lift and support would have been clutch!
  2. Quality:
sincerely active: buffbunny collection activewear review

How To Care For Buffbunny Activewear

If you want your Buffbunny workout set to withstand the test of time, follow the manufacturer’s care instructions thoroughly!! Avoid excess heat from washing, tumble-drying high, and ironing. You can lay your activewear flat on a drying rack or tumble-dry on low heat if you need to get to your pump session ASAP.

Air out your workout clothes set before your next laundry day to prevent the odor-causing bacteria from wreaking havoc on the damp fabric.

Remember, resist the temptation to bleach this set just because it’s white. Soak your Buffbunny white marble workout set in 3 parts warm water and 1 part vinegar to lift stains and remove odor before washing. See all the ways you can destroy your activewear!

Who Should Get The Buffbunny Onyx Set

  • Perfect for weightlifting (during the summer)
  • Good for anyone who doesn’t want to break the bank
  • Great for mixing and matching with other sportswear and casual clothing.

Where To Get The The Buffbunny Onyx Set

You can find the Caterina bra, Onyx shorts, and more hot stuff on the Buffbunny Collection website. Follow the brand on Instagram @Buffbunnycollection. Be sure to share your stylish activewear with the hashtag #sincerelyactive on Instagram!

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