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I discovered Carbon38 two years ago and they have quickly become one of my go-to brands for leggings! 

If you’re looking for fancy and functional activewear, then Carbon38 is the place to be. They carry lots of luxury brands- mostly female-owned companies- that make super high-quality studio to street activewear.

Recently Carbon38 released the Cloud compression line which has sports bras, tank tops, bike shorts, and leggings. The collection is supposed to be a combination of comfy and supportive and the leggings definitely fit the bill!

As soon as I touched the fabric, I knew I wasn’t letting these leggings go. 

If you’re curious about how this brand’s leggings hold up, here’s my review of the Carbon38, here’s my review of the Carbon38 cloud Compression Legging to help!

Carbon38 cloud compression leggings review


  • Size: XXS- XL
  • Fabric: 79% Polyester, 21% Elastane
  • Care: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, no fabric softener, no dry cleaning.
  • Features: Sustainable
  • Price: $98



Carbon38 Cloud Compression Legging Review

The Cloud Compression legging is a high rise legging designed for low to high impact activities.

Fabric & Fit

On their website, Carbon38 describes the Cloud Compression as “performance fabric for a tight fit that’s soft to the touch.” And these leggings fit the bill.

The Cloud Compression leggings are super soft and comparable to the Lululemon Align pant but also on the thicker side like the Athleta Elation tight.

I must have missed the “tight fit” bit of the description when I was checking these leggings out. I was so excited when I got them, I thought I could just slip into them, but nope!

The compression in these Carbon38 leggings is no joke! While it’s a struggle to get into these leggings, the flattering fit is worth the fight.


Carbon38 leggings review


The Carbon38 Cloud Compression leggings have a lot of supportive features: 1) a double-faced sculpting waistband 2) two 6″ deep side pockets, 3) a lined moisture-wicking gusset.

I usually prefer seamless waistbands because they sometimes make me look boxy but this is my exception. The inward slanting seams in the front and back of the waistband basically cinch your waist and accentuate your curves.

I have my iPhone 7plus in my side pocket and it doesn’t drag the leggings down. That’s how supportive these leggings are!

Carbon38 pocket leggings review


The Cloud Compression leggings are squatproof AF. Nothing will peak through, except maybe panty lines since the leggings are really tight. 

Find your best pair of seamless underwear for these leggings, or consider going commando in your leggings to avoid panty lines altogether.


Carbon38 leggings sizing review


“Overall these leggings are one of the best leggings online! They’re well made with quality fabric and stitching, and will last you a long while.”

compression leggings with phone pocket review How do carbon38 leggings fit

 Carbon38 Cloud Compression Legging Sizing Review

For reference, I’m a 27″ waist, 32″ bust (DD cup), 38″ hip, 5’8″ tall, and US clothing size 4. I bought the Cloud Compression leggings in size S, my usual Carbon38 size.

Carbon38 Cloud Compression legging Sizing Tip:

“These leggings are really tight so if you prefer a compressive fit, I recommend going with the size chart. However, if you’re in between sizes, I strongly suggest sizing up.”

Sincerely Active

carbon38 size chart
Carbon38 leggings with pocket review

What I loved

Here’s what I loved about the Carbon38 Cloud Compression legging:

  1. Fabric & Support

There’s much to love about these leggings: the oh so soft fabric, the sculpting waistband, the pockets!

What I’d Improve

One downside of the Carbon38 Cloud Compression legging :

  1. Fit

This is more of a personal preference but I’m not a fan of the super tight fit. I like a supportive yet relaxed fit, and these leggings are far from relaxed. 

Carbon38 compression leggings with pocket review

Should You Buy The Carbon38 Cloud Compression Legging?

“Absolutely! These Carbon38 leggings are well worth the money.”


  • Perfect for low to high impact activities.
  • Great for weight-lifting, CrossFit, HIIT, and lounging.
  • Perfect for athleisure styling.
  • Not for the active girl on a budget. You may find 15-20% off sales if you search for Carbon38 promo/discount codes. I got these leggings for 15% off. See other affordable activewear brands.

Carbon38 compression leggings review

How To Care For Your Carbon38 Activewear

Avoid excess heat from washing in hot water, tumble-drying, or ironing as this can affect the strength of the fibers and degrade the fabric features. Instead, wash your leggings in cold water, and use a drying rack.

Also, avoid using fabric softener since it can seal the fabric, causing the fabric to become less breathable.

Place your leggings in a mesh bag before throwing them in the washer. This will ensure that the thin fabric doesn’t get snagged by parts from other clothing.

Follow these steps to keep your activewear in pristine condition!

Where To Buy Carbon38 Activewear

You can find the Cloud Compression leggings and other pieces from the collection on the brand’s website.

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Carbon38 cloud compression leggings review