Another day, another Fabletics review. With over 1000 reviews online, the Conquer 2-piece set has proven that it can conquer the women’s activewear game (sorry, I couldn’t help it!)

Kelly Rowland x Fabletics collections broke the internet a few times in 2019 and their activewear sets kept me from “skipping the month” on my Fabletics VIP membership. (See my review of the Fabletics x Kelly
Rowland Sculptknit activewear set.

Here’s my review of the Kelly Rowland x Fabletics Conquer 2 Piece set with the Seamless rib legging and Kelia seamless sports bra!

Sincerely Active- Fabletics Seamless rib leggings review

Details: High-Waisted Seamless Rib Legging & Kelia Seamless Sports Bra

Size: XS-L
Fabric: 92% Nylon, 8% Spandex
Color: Black Care: Machine wash cold, no tumble drying, no bleaching, no ironing Features: Moisture-wicking, Breathable
Price (VIP/Non-VIP): $50/$89


Fabletics High-Waisted Seamless Rib Legging

The Fabletics Seamless Rib legging is a high rise legging designed for low to high impact workouts. Intricately placed open mesh details run down the sides and back to make the leggings breathable.

With only 8% spandex content, the seamless rib legging doesn’t allow much room for stretch. Also, this legging is fitted with an oval-shaped gusset for a better range of motion.

Although the name implies so, don’t expect the smooth and sleek feel of typical seamless leggings. These Fabletics seamless leggings are ribbed from waist-to-hem combining the ridged look of corduroy fabric with the roughness of denim. 

fabletics review 2020

If you’re in search of sturdy workout bottoms that will last you a while, these seamless rib leggings are the answer. Although, you should know that the open mesh could get snagged while wearing or washing.

The waistband is reinforced with a double layer of fabric for a more compressive feel. However, I noticed the waist slipping during my lower body workouts (squats, lunges, kneeling, and praying for my workout to be over!).

Also, there’s a cute lace-up detail on the back of the waist, which I think has more potential as a drawstring than as an embellishment.

These leggings are squatproof, save for the lace-up detail at the back that sits a little too low during deep squats. I find that I can wear most seamless panties under my Fabletics Seamless leggings. However, you might want to skip the bright colored underwear because of the open details on the sides.

If you’re not convinced that your underwear will stay hidden, try going commando in your workout leggings.

fabletics x Kelly Rowland reviews

Fabletics Kelia Seamless Sports Bra

The Fabletics Kelia seamless sports bra is designed for low to high impact workouts. The Kelia sports bra has removable pads, wide adjustable straps, and a thick elastic underband for support.

The Kelia sports bra has good coverage, so you can hit those burpees hard because your girls will stay in place. Also, the open mesh detail in the back and underbust area allows for breathability and reduces the chances of underboob sweat.

Kelly Rowland x Fabletics Sizing Review

After checking out the Fabletics size chart, I bought both the high-waisted Seamless rib leggings and Kelia seamless sports bra in size small. For reference, I’m a 26″ waist, 38″ hips, 32″ DD bust, 5’8 tall, US clothing size 4. (See the Fabletics size chart below).

I strongly recommend going with the size chart, so grab a tape measure and get your stats!

However, I’ve noticed that Fabletics sports bras run small, so you might want to size up. According to the Fabletics sports bra sizing, I should be an XS. I got the Kelia seamless sports bra in S, and I found that it fits more comfortably compared to the Fabletics Kessler bra, which I got in XS.

If you’re in between legging sizes, find a size on the chart that’s within two inches of your hip and waist measurements (for me, that’s size XS or S based on the Fabletics size chart). Then gauge the fabric type to decide which size is right for you.

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Fabletics Seamless Rib Legging Sizing Tip:

The seamless rib legging has only 8% spandex (not much room to stretch), so I don’t recommend sizing down. Go with the measurements on the size chart.

sincerely active
Kelly Rowland x Fabletics reviews

What I Loved

This is the cutest Fabletics set so far! I love how the strategically placed openings give the Fabletics seamless rib legging a gorgeous silhouette. Also, the mesh detail on the sports bra is a heaven-sent feature if you’re prone to underboob sweating like me!

What I’d Improve

The placement of the mesh detail on the hips makes it difficult to hide your workout underwear. I think

Who Should Get This

  • Perfect for low to high impact activities.
  • Great for weightlifting, CrossFit, HIIT workouts.
  • Perfect for athleisure styling. Pair your Fabletics Conquer 2-piece set with a crop top, denim jacket, and sneakers.
  • Good for the active fashionista on a budget.
Kelly Rowland x Fabletics leggings reviews

Kelly Rowland x Fabletics High-Waisted Seamless Legging Reviews

See what other reviewers think about the Kelly Rowland x Fabletics seamless rib legging.

“Comfortable and hold up during a challenging workout”

“Take a little extra work to get them on”

“I LOVE how they squeeze and accentuate my curves.”

“Great midsection support”

“Get this legging if you have furry friends that shed a lot!”

“Feels a full size too small”

“Not my favorite for working out in, but for lounging!”

“Material is rough and can’t wear underwear”

Fabletics conquer 2-piece set reviews
Kelly Rowland x Fabletics workout clothes reviews

How To Care For Your Conquer 2-Piece Set

As I always say, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for fabric care. Also, I recommend placing your Fabletics seamless rib leggings and Kelia sports bra set in a mesh bag before throwing them in the washer. This will ensure that the meshed areas don’t get snagged by parts from other clothing.

You can tumble-dry your Fabletics set on a low setting. However, it’s better to hang-dry your activewear (away from direct sunlight).

Air out your Fabletics Conquer outfit after your sweat-sesh to prevent the odor-causing bacteria from ruining your activewear fabric. Follow these steps to keep your workout clothes in pristine condition!

Where To Snag The Conquer 2-Piece Set

You can get the Conquer 2-piece Outfit from the Fabletics website at a discounted price, or you can purchase the Fabletics high-waisted seamless rib legging or Kelia seamless sports bra individually at full price. It is possible to shop at Fabletics without being a member, however, you’ll miss out on major members-only discounts. You can also get the jaw-dropping 2 for $24 new member deal once you sign up for a Fabletics account!

Quick Tip: To get the 2 for $24 deal, you will be automatically signed up for the Fabletics VIP membership. This membership requires a recurring subscription fee of $50 applied as a credit for future purchases with limitations! You can avoid the monthly charge when you “skip the month” on your Fabletics account.

Curious about what Fabletics has to offer? See more Fabletics reviews here!

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