Another day, another Do You Even gym outfit review. If you’re on the lookout for seamless active styles, then this brand is the place to be. I tried the Impact Seamless leggings and sports bra set and immediately caught the DYE bug!

I bought the Hyperflex set soon after and I’m just as obsessed. The sleek seamless design with subtle contouring caught my eye and I knew I had to test it out.

I still can’t decide which set is my favorite – both are perfect in their own way. Honestly, it’s hard not to love them both. So if you end up buying both sets, I can’t judge you!

Here’s my review of the Do You Even Hyperflex Seamless legging and crop, my new favorite gym staple.

Do You Even Size Reviews

Details: Do You Even Hyperflex Seamless

Size: XS-L
Fabric: 94% Nylon, 6% Spandex
Care: Machine wash cold, no tumble drying, no bleaching, no ironing                                 Features: Moisture-wicking, Breathable, woven microfiber technology
Price: $91


Do You Even Hyperflex Seamless Crop Review

The Hyperflex Seamless crop is a thick strapped racerback sports bra designed for low to high impact workouts. The underbust band is compressive and ribbed to keep your sports bra in place during your sweat-sesh.

The Hyperflex crop has removable paddings that shape your girls up nicely. The neckline and sides are cut high enough to provide good coverage and prevent boob spills.

This Hyperflex sports bra is the combination of comfortable and cute every woman needs in her life!

do you even sports bra reviews

The Do You Even Hyperflex Seamless Legging

The Hyperflex Seamless leggings are high-waist and full-length leggings designed for low to high impact workouts.

Fabric & Fit

The Hyperflex seamless fabric is unique. This high nylon-low spandex blend gives the fabric a structured and compressive yet flexible feel to it.

You won’t see any awkward bunching and you’ll definitely notice how the fabric sculpts and smoothes you out to give an airbrushed look! Plus the subtle contouring around the booty and hips create the most flattering silhouette!

The fabric is on the thicker side and knit quite tightly, which means that they are not very breathable. So keep that in mind if you prefer lighter breezier workout clothes.

Do You Even hyper flex seamless legging review


This waistband is everything you need: (1) it’s ribbed so it stays in place and doesn’t slip, (2) it’s wide so you have more mid-section coverage, and (3) it’s compressive and comfy so it tucks everything in without squeezing you like toothpaste!

Also, the Hyperflex leggings have a wide diamond-shaped gusset for increased range of motion. Go ahead and pop those sumo squats because these stretchy leggings will move with you through any workout.

Do You Even seamless legging reviews


The Hyperflex seamless legging fabric is on the thicker side which makes it the perfect squatproof companion for leg day! Trust me when I say that harsh gym lighting will be no match for these leggings.

If you’ve seen any of my previous activewear reviews, then you know that panty lines and crotch sweat are the banes of my existence.

The light colors (like the mauve) may show sweat, but not for long since the fabric dries very quickly.

Although these leggings are squatproof, they still show panty lines and folds, so wear these with seamless underwear. You can also try going commando in your leggings to avoid panty lines completely.

Do You Even squat proof leggings

Do You Even Hyperflex Seamless Sizing Review

After checking out the Do You Even size chart, I bought the Hyperflex Seamless leggings and sports bra in size small. For reference, I’m a 26″ waist, 32″ bust (DD cup), 37.5″ hip, 5’8 tall, and US clothing size 4.


I usually go with a size that’s within 2″ of both my true waist and hip measurements. For me, that’s either a size S or M based on the size chart. I bought the Hyperflex seamless crop and legging in size S and they fit perfectly.

Do You Even Hyperflex Sizing Tip:
I definitely recommend following your true size on the size chart because of how compressive this fabric is. But if you’re in between sizes, you can size down for a compressive and comfortable fit. Or you can size up for a more relaxed fit.

do you even sizing reviews


For example, if you’re a 26″ waist and 34″ hip, you can size down to XS if you prefer a tight fit, or S if you prefer a more relaxed fit in the waist.

Do You Even gym Clothes

What I Loved

The devil is in the details of this outfit. The subtle contours, intricate fabric knitting, and ribbing on the leggings and sports bra set make this simple Hyperflex Seamless set unique!

What To Improve

I don’t believe the Hyperflex Seamless Collection could have been designed any better! Except if there was a pocket in the waistband. I’m usually a fan of adjustable sports bra straps, but the comfort and support make up for the lack of control.

Do You Even Gym Wear

Do You Even Hyperflex Care Instructions

Your activewear fabric needs more TLC than regular clothing because of the engineering that goes into creating performance wear. Follow the instructions on the care label to allow your Hyperflex leggings and sports bra last a few more seasons of Grey’s Anatomy!

Also, it’s best to avoid excess heat from washing in hot water, tumble-drying or ironing as this can affect the strength of the fibers and degrade the fabric features. Instead, wash in cold water and use a drying rack or opt for a low-heat tumble-dry setting.

Finally, air-dry your Hyperflex Seamless leggings and crop before your next laundry day to prevent the odor-causing bacteria from destroying your precious activewear fabric. See all the ways you can keep your activewear in perfect condition!

Do You Even Hyperflex Review

Should You Buy Do You Even Hyperflex Seamless?

Absolutely! This Do YouEven set works in and out of the gym.

  • Perfect for low to high impact activities.
  • Great for weightlifting, cardio, running errands, lounging, literally anything!
  • Perfect for athleisure styling. Throw on a denim jacket over your Hyperflex Seamless set and you’re good to go.
  • Okay for the active fashionista on a budget. This set is soo worth the price, but its better to wait till there’s a sitewide sale. You can also look online for discount/promo codes usually about 10-20% off.

Where To Buy Do You Even Activewear

You can find all things Do You Even on the brand’s website. Follow the brand on Instagram @doyoueven to get the scoop on new releases.

Do you even activewear reviews

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