Who knew striped leggings could be so flattering? Not me! I stumbled on the Glyder Apparel Sultry striped leggings through an Instagram ad, and I thought to myself, “Hmm, why not?”

After days of researching the brand and their product lines (because I like to think I’m not always an impulsive shopper), I decided to get the Glyder Sultry legging. But first, who is Glyder- the brand?

Glyder Apparel is a women’s activewear brand that aims to build a community of empowered women who “live life without limits.”

You can also do some good in the world when you make a purchase from the brand. Through the activewear brand’s collaboration with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), you can buy a select few Glyder apparel items to help fund the advancement of research in tumor biology, cancer prevention, and treatment. How cool is that?!

As someone who needs her leggings to take her from the gym to brunch, and then errands on a Saturday morning, I expect a lot of my leggings. I’m super critical since I have a LOT of pet peeves when it comes to activewear. For instance, 1) Bunching in the crotch area, 2) Awkward fitting hems, 3)Pilling, 4)Itchy seams, and the list goes on and on!

But then again, is there a perfect pair of leggings? Yes, there is! Cue in Glyder leggings, the tights that have it all.

Sit tight for my review of the Glyder Apparel Sultry legging– the best pair of leggings I’ve ever owned- and you’ll see why you need Glyder Apparel in your arsenal of workout gear!

Glyder striped legging review

Details: Glyder Apparel Sultry Legging

Size: XS-XL
Fabric: FORMA101™ nylon 88% / spandex 12%
Color: cream/white, black/silver, granite/white, white/mist
Care: No fabric softener, Do not bleach, Machine wash cold with like colors, Lay flat to dry
Features: Moisture-wicking, Anti-microbial
Price: $76

Description: Glyder Apparel Sultry Legging

The Glyder Sultry leggings are high-waisted full-length leggings designed for low to high impact activities. Made from a perfectly engineered blend of nylon and spandex, these leggings promise to take your workouts to the next level.

If you cannot deal with sweat marks on your leggings (the bane of my existence after visible panty lines), then you know that moisture-wicking is key. The Sultry leggings are made with FORMA101, a proprietary fabric blend that offers moisture-wicking and anti-microbial properties. This means that the Sultry leggings can take you from a wild spin class to Sunday brunch- sweat-free AND stink-free!

The super-wide and semi-seamless waistband (there are seams on the back of the waistband but not the front) gives you a nice hug without digging into your midsection.

Glyder Apparel leggings review

Also, if you’d like to look like you’ve just had a butt-lift, these Glyder leggings are your best bet (cheaper than the real thing if I might add!). The lines accentuate your curves in a surprisingly flattering way; the stripes and seams meet in a way that draws your eyes to the backside!

Yoga will be a piece of cake in these leggings! The wide gusset and flexible fabric will allow you to flow through your poses with so much ease. Plus, you won’t have to worry about sheering because these leggings are opaque and thick enough to cover your skin, a.k.a Squatproof!

I find that I can wear most seamless panties under these Glyder Sultry leggings. The waistband is thicker and will hide any underwear bunching that is bound to happen during Happy Baby pose! But if you’re not convinced that your underwear will stay hidden, try going commando in your workout leggings.

Glyder Legging Sizing Review

After checking out the Glyder Apparel size chart, I bought both the Sultry leggings in size small. For reference, I’m a 26″ waist, 38″ hips, 32″ DD bust, 5’8 tall, US size 4, and I got the Sultry legging in size S (See the Glyder size chart below). I strongly recommend going with the size chart, so grab a tape measure and get your stats!

If you’re in between legging sizes, find a size on the chart that’s within an inch or two of your hip and waist measurements. Then decide what size is right based on the fabric composition. For me, that’s an XS or S based on the Glyder size chart, but I prefer a relaxed fit, so I settled on size S for the Sultry legging.

Glyder Apparel Sultry Legging Sizing Tip:

The FORMA101™ is a nylon/spandex blend with 12% spandex composition. These Glyder leggings are compressive, but you can size down for a tighter fit since the fabric is forgiving.

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Glyder leggings sizing review
Glyder Apparel reviews

What I loved

  1. Fit: These Glyder leggings fit like a glove and do not scrunch up anywhere! The waistband is compressive enough without squeezing the life out of me, and the striped pattern gives me an instant butt lift!
  2. Fabric: My favorite thing about this fabric is that I can wear a few times without washing because of the antimicrobial feature. Although the fabric is a nylon blend, the fabric is of great quality and has a more soft & cottony feel.

Another thing that draws me to the Glyder Apparel brand is its customer-generated non-salesy Instagram feed. On Glyder’s Instagram page, you’ll find pictures of Glyder-clad women out in nature, absorbing breath-taking views from mighty rocks, vast oceans, mountains meeting the clouds and many more of Mother Earth’s wonders.

What I’d Improve

Nothing. Not a single thing!

Glyder Sultry leggings review

Who Should Get Glyder Leggings

  • Perfect for low to high impact activities.
  • Perfect for Yoga, pilates, gym workouts, brunching!
  • Great for athleisure styling.
  • Not so great for the active fashionista on a budget.

How To Care For Your Glyder Leggings

You’ll love these Sultry leggings so much you’ll want to take great care of them, trust me! Avoid excess heat from washing in warm water, tumble-drying high, or ironing. You can tumble-dry your activewear in a low setting, however, feel free to put that clothing rack or line to good use if you have one.

If you’re like most of us (the ‘us’ who wash our leggings after every other wear or two), the anti-microbial feature is a game-changer. But infrequent washing may cause your fabric to degrade faster over time. This is why I advise you to air-dry your Sultry leggings before your next laundry day to prevent bacteria from destroying the damp fabric. See all the ways you can damage your activewear!

Where To Get Glyder Leggings

You can find the Glyder Apparel Sultry legging on the brand’s website. Or you can also find these leggings on the EvolveFitWear online store where I purchased this set, and also at Yoga Outlet.

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Stay Safe. Stay Motivated ❤️

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