If you follow a large number of fitness trainers and coaches on Instagram, then you probably don’t need an introduction to Gymshark. No doubt, the brand has grown an almost cultish following worldwide and for good reason. So what exactly is Gymshark?

Gymshark is an activewear brand that was created by a UK student, Ben Francis, at age 19. The young entrepreneur started off hand-sewing each piece from his own home and seven years later, the company has amassed over millions of dollars in sales! The brand has grown massively popular due to their strong social media presence and collaborations with athletes and fitness coaches.

Should you hop on the Gymshark train? What I can say is, it’s never too late. The UK fitness wear brand pumps out new designs and color-ways in insanely rapid succession, so you can get in on the trend whenever.

I’ve tried seven more Gymshark leggings since this post and I’ve created a roundup review where I compare everything from fabric to fit.


To be honest, I’m not a fan of the True Texture leggings; Gymshark has better stuff out there if you ask me. But there are a few things I like about the True Texture bralette.

Keep reading for the full True Texture Legging and Bralette review.


Gymshark True Texture review


The Gymshark True Texture Leggings and Texture Bra

Size: XS-L
Fabric: Polyester, Nylon, Elastane. Varies
Care: Machine wash cold, no bleach, no tumble dry, no dry clean, iron low
Color: Blush nude, dark ruby, washed khaki, black, steel blue, pink
Price: $$


The Gymshark True Texture Bra

The Gymshark True Texture set is designed with a strategic placement of fabrics with varying spandex composition. The bra is adjustable via ropes that run across the back. Also, this padded bra provides decent coverage, so no need to worry about side boob spills!

The true texture bra’s side panel is made with higher elastane content for a better fit. The front of the bra is multi-textured, while the back has a uniform texture with more stretch in the fabric. The ropes add a playfulness to the bra but also get the job done, providing the right amount of support a girl needs!

Gymshark review

The Gymshark True Texture Leggings

These high-waisted Gymshark leggings are the compressive leggings lover’s dream. The waistband is reinforced with a double layer of fabric and fits snug at the waist. The leggings seams are designed to accentuate and sculpt your booty and thighs. Get those side lunges done in these True Texture leggings fitted with a wide horizontal gusset for easy movement.

Also, you’ll be happy to know that these leggings come with a mini pocket in the waistband.

Gymshark True Texture review

Gymshark True Texture Sizing Review

After consulting the size chart, I got both the Gymshark True Texture sports bra and leggings each in size small. For reference, I’m a 26″ waist, 32″ bust and 38″ hips (see the Gymshark size guide below).

The overall fit of the leggings is true-to-size for me, although very snug (more on this later). The leggings hold decently on the waist, however, they may lie a little lower depending on your torso length.

According to the Gymshark size chart, I should be a size XS in sports bras, but I went a size up for the True Texture bra to get more coverage.

Please compare your measurements against the size chart before making your purchase!

Gymshark True Texture Sizing Tip:

If you’re measurements fall in between legging sizes, size up. The True Texture legging can be relaxed in some areas and much more compressive in others.

sincerely active

For example, if you’re a 26″ waist and 34″ hip, you fall across sizes XS and S for waist and hips respectively. The True Texture fabric is not very flexible overall and the seams may dig into your skin, so size up to allow room for stretch!

gymshark size review

What I Loved

  1. Interesting textures: I absolutely loved the fabric mash-up and I definitely want to see more fun use of textures! 
  2. Cuteness: The bralette is a bomb combination of cute and functional, and the rope-tie design is ADORABLE. The sports bra and leggings are also perfect for mixing and matching with other sportswear and casual clothing.

The true texture bra goes well with my Lululemon Align pants in deep ruby and my Fabletics Powerhold leggings in blush pink. You can also wear this Gymshark bralette with shorts for a casual day look or with high-rise pants for a night out (you might have to rip out the logo). The ruby color is rich and pops on any skin color.

What I’ d Improve

  1. Branding: I’m aware that Gymshark is known for their heavy branding on their activewear, but I’m not down for the labeled tag on the bra and leggings. It feels like I’m wearing my clothes inside out!
  2. Fit: I’m all about playing with textures and fabrics, howeverrr, a combination of fabrics with varying amounts of elastane can be a recipe for disaster! The True Texture line could have been a huge hit except that the elastane composition used varied from 3% to 10% – those numbers are too low for comfort. For reference, a comfortably stretchy pair of leggings will have anywhere between 15% to 35% spandex.

Gymshark true texture leggings review


How I Care For Your Gymshark True Texture Activewear

If you’ve read any of my previous reviews, then you know it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions. The True Texture fabric is sturdy enough to machine wash so I won’t lecture you on the importance of handwashing your leggings.

The True Texture leggings are labeled as safe for ironing on low heat, although the fabric doesn’t really get wrinkled. It’s better to hang-dry on a rack, but if you would rather tumble dry, do so for a short time on low heat.

Remember to air-dry your True Texture workout set after your sweat-sesh to prevent bacteria from ruining your activewear fabric. Follow these steps to take good care of your earth-friendly workout clothes.

Who Should Get Gymshark True Texture

  • Perfect for anyone who wants to try styles that are different from the usual gym aesthetic.
  • Good for anyone who doesn’t want to break the bank. This set cost $90 whereas leggings alone can cost well above $90 these days. Plus if you wait for a huge holiday sale like Black Friday, you can get ridiculous deals!
  • Perfect for athleisure styling.
  • Good for low to medium impact workouts. 

Gymshark leggings review

Where To Get Gymshark True Texture

You can find the newest stuff and other timeless Gymshark activewear on the Gymshark website. Follow the brand on Instagram @gymsharkwomen and @gymshark


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