With so many functional designs and versatile fabrics, it’s much easier to infuse this trend into your work closet than ever before. Depending on your work environment, you might need to get creative with the way you incorporate these active pieces.

If your boss gives you grief for strutting into the office in leggings or joggers, steal a chapter from Elle Woods’ book and respond, “Activewear gives you comfort. Comfort makes you productive. Productive people don’t miss deadlines. They just don’t!”

Here are a few ways to wear activewear to work AND look like the boss!

Rock A Two-Piece With Sneakers

That’s right ladies, you can wear a suit with sneakers! This is an easy way to get away with the athleisure style at the office. Create this bossy ensemble with a loose-fitted suit, a graphic tee, and your favorite sneakers.

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Go for cropped pants, or fold the hem of your pants for a more relaxed look while also showing off your kicks.

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Try bold-patterned and bright colored 2-piece sets for an outfit that screams fun AND badass!

Go Traditional And Accessorize

This is another easy way to try out the athleisure trend at work. Maintain the traditional office look with a button-down shirt and circumvent the norm by pairing with a jersey skirt. Then finish the sporty look with a baseball cap and sneakers.

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Or Ditch Your Button-down For A Cropped Hoodie

Pushing it? I think not! Pair your cropped hoodie with dressy high-rise pants or skirt, and finish with heels or sneakers.

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Bike Shorts Anyone?

Depending on your work environment, wearing spandex to the office might make you feel a bit uneasy. Surely, not everyone can get away with wearing bike shorts to the office, but there is a way around it.

Pair your bike shorts with a long button-down shirt or a tee layered with a blazer. Finish the look off with a pair of heels or sneakers.

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Or Capris

A happy medium if you’re not into full-length leggings or bike shorts. Dress your capris just like you would bike shorts.

Wear a loose tee or button-down shirt, throw on a blazer, and finish the look with heels or sneakers.

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Try Track Pants

Track pants are certainly not the first thing that comes to mind when shopping for athleisure wear. But trust me when I say that they are a bomb addition to your athleisure/work closet.

Pair your track pants with a tee and blazer or a turtle neck top to balance the look. Finish off with a pair of heels or sneakers.

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Perhaps Joggers

Yes, you can get away with joggers at work without looking homeless. Howeverrr, leave your worn comfy sweats at home and opt for a pair of dressy joggers.

Pair with a turtle neck and throw on a blazer or a puffy vest. Finish the look with heels or sneakers, the world is your oyster!

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And Of course, Leggings

The main rule with leggings is to wear them with a slightly longer top that covers your derriere (as with capris and bike shorts). This could make it easier to get away with if you’re in a more conservative line of work or office environment.

Also, opt for solid dark-colored leggings with minimal designs e.g. cutouts, mesh.

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