Onzie is a yoga wear brand established in Venice California by Kimberly Swarth. The yogi turned entrepreneur created Onzie with the yoga practitioner in mind, combining function and creativity into her brand.

Onzie pieces are designed with fabric technology that optimizes functionality in high sweat environments as well as in chlorine and saltwater.

The fitness brand’s creative active clothing are all unique, each characteristic and aesthetically pleasing. You’re bound to find a piece that matches your personality!

I’m low-key obsessed with Onzie, and for good reason. Their trendy leggings and sports bras will take you from studio to street quite effortlessly!

I’ve seen lots of animal print activewear on the internet, but this Onzie set really caught my eye. I tried it and mostly loved it with only a few downsides.

If you’re wondering whether or not to snag this set for yourself, sit tight for my review of the Onzie High-rise Leopard leggings and Chic Bra!

Sincerely active- leopard print activewear review


  • Size: XS-XL
  • Fabric: 76% Polyester and 24% spandex
  • Care: Machine wash cold, no tumble drying, no bleaching, no ironing
  • Price: $$


Onzie Chic Sports Bra & High-Rise Leopard Leggings Review


Fabric & Fit

The Onzie Leopard print fabric is smooth to touch and has a medium compression feel.

With over 20% elastane, these Onzie leggings are quite stretchy and compressive enough to hold you in and form to your body like a smooth fierce second skin.

The Onzie Leopard Chic bra is a scoop neck strappy bra perfect for low to medium impact activities. The bra is unlined with non-adjustable straps and a thin underbust band.

The thick front straps and crisscross back straps will give you all the support you need for an intense sweat sesh while being comfortable enough to lounge in.

Sincerely active- leopard print activewear review


The Onzie Leopard leggings are high-waisted with a wide compressive waistband that tucks your tummy in!

Although the fabric is lightweight, it’s not very breathable and probably isn’t the best for a hot summer workout.


The fabric is printed on white fabric, which means the leopard print is on one side alone.

Because the inside of the leggings is white and sheers out when stretched, I give these leggings an 80% squatproof rating.

If you’ve seen any of my previous activewear reviews, you’ll find that panty lines and crotch sweat are the banes of my existence.

Since the fabric is thin, I recommend seamless underwear for your Onzie Leopard leggings, but you might be better off going commando in your leggings to avoid panty lines altogether.


“Overall, the Onzie Leopard print legging and Chic sports bra set is one of the best animal print activewear I’ve seen online. You’ll love everything about it, from the gorgeous glossy finish and vibrant print to the flattering fit and  support.”

Sincerely active- Leopard print chic bra review

 Onzie Sizing Review

For reference, I’m a 27″ waist, 32″ bust (DD cup), 38″ hip, 5’8″ tall, and US clothing size 4.

I got the Onzie Leopard Chic bra in size small/medium and the High-rise Leopard leggings in size small.

Also, I bought this set on the Evolve Fit Wear store website for $98 with a discount code. Both the sports bra and leggings fit true to size, and there was no need for adjustments.

Based on the size chart, Onzie leggings are made to fit a wide range of measurements per size. The High-rise compressive leggings fit really snug, so I don’t recommend sizing down.

Onzie size chart review Onzie sizing chart reviews

Onzie Sizing Tip:

“I recommend going with the size chart or sizing up if you’re in between legging sizes.”

Sincerely Active

Also, the bra size chart didn’t help me much since I’m an S/M bust and L/L cup based on the chart.

The Chic sports bra was snug yet comfortable in S/M and held my girls up well. I’m sure the M/L would have fit just fine but with a lower level of support than the S/M.

Sincerely active-Leopard print high-rise leggings review

What I loved

Here’s what I loved about the Onzie Leopard Print Legging and Chic sports bra:

  1. Fabric & Fit

    Honestly, this fabric is the smoothest thing I’ve ever touched. It also appears to be pilling resistant, which is bomb! 

What I’d Improve

A few downsides of this Onzie set:

  1. Fabric

    Once again, the fabric. Although I love the smooth glossy finish and gorgeous print, the fabric sheers out easily and may not be ideal for leg day workouts. Read the sizing review to get your right size and prevent the leggings from overstretching.

Sincerely active- leopard print leggings review

Should You Buy Onzie Leopard Print Legging & Chic Sports Bra?

“Yes, if you plan to wear it for yoga or for athleisure wear.”

  • Perfect for low to medium impact activities.
  • Great for yoga, pilates, and lounging.
  • Perfect for athleisure styling.
  • Not for the active girl on a budget. See other affordable activewear brands.

How To Care For Your Onzie Activewear

Avoid excess heat from washing in hot water, tumble-drying, or ironing as this can affect the strength of the fibers and degrade the fabric features. Instead, wash your leggings in cold water, and use a drying rack. Also, avoid using fabric softener since it can seal the fabric, causing the fabric to become less breathable.

Place your Onzie leggings and sports bra in a mesh bag before throwing them in the washer. This will ensure that the thin and smooth fabric doesn’t get snagged by parts from other clothing.

Remember to air out your workout clothes before your next laundry day to prevent the odor-causing bacteria from ruining your activewear fabric. Follow these steps to keep your activewear in pristine condition!

Where To Buy Onzie Leopard Print

You can find Onzie’s gorgeous threads on the brand’s website and other stores:

You can find Onzie on Instagram @onzie to stay updated on their new yoga wear collections.


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