Should you hit those squats in your workout leggings without underwear? People are either completely turned off by the commando life, or can’t imagine life without freedom from underwear. Why is this topic so polarizing?

Some women say that they feel exposed without underwear, while others share that same sentiment when their panty lines are visible through leggings. Also, some women are concerned about the impact of this lifestyle on their vaginal health, while others argue that proper personal hygiene is enough to prevent any issues.

Is working out without underwear bad? Not necessarily. You should do what feels comfortable for you, but there are a few caveats to successfully working out without underwear.

If you are going to ditch your panties while working out, you have to do it right. Here are a few things to consider before going commando on your next gym sesh!

Get Your Gusset On

If you plan to workout without underwear, it’s recommended to wear active bottoms with a cotton gusset for breathability. However, a lot of activewear is made with fabric blends that aren’t cotton, and there’s a good chance yours aren’t either.

Most of the activewear in the market today are made from synthetic blends like nylon and polyester. These synthetic fabrics aren’t as breathable as natural cotton, but when saturated with sweat, there isn’t much difference.

Also, chafing between your vaginal area and the leggings fabric can cause a ripple effect. Chafing leads to micro-abrasions, which leads to irritation, which leads to increased susceptibility to infections.

If you plan to go commando at the gym, opt for leggings constructed with a gusset. Find leggings made with flat wide gussets that are triangular, diamond, or oval in shape.

A gusset ensures that there’s a flat surface on your bottoms for comfort, as opposed to a four-way seam that meets right at the crotch.


Panty-liners Are Your Friend

If you’re going to wear leggings without panties, irritation from chafing is a major concern. But it’s not a problem a cotton panty liner can’t solve!

Also, high-performance fabrics are heavily engineered with chemicals that give them many features like moisture-wicking and UPF protection. Therefore, it’s best to avoid continuous contact between your vagina and activewear fabric.

Head over to the nearest drug store and get yourself some cotton panty-liners for your leggings. Organic cotton liners are more breathable, softer, and more comfortable than traditional liners.

It’s impossible to wear the liner without a flat surface to place it on, hence the gusset. The liner ends up moving down your inner thigh and is the perfect distraction during your workout.


Go For Thick And Opaque Tights

You might think that thicker leggings material completely defeats the purpose of getting an airy sweat sesh but hear us out.

Without underwear, bacteria on mats and machine seats at the gym can make their way to your privates. The bacteria can easily be transported through thin leggings material, and moisture can aid this transportation process. EEK!

If you’re going commando for your next sesh, arm yourself with thicker workout leggings and be sure to wipe down each machine you sit on.

Also, you’re better off with dark-colored activewear fabric if you’re not going to be wearing panties. Lighter colors tend to highlight every stain and sweat mark. Ditch the white or light-colored leggings for darker colors if you want to workout without underwear and with some peace of mind.


Moisture-wicking Is Key

There’s no way to get around this prerequisite for a comfortable commando workout. Activewear made with moisture-wicking fabric allows moisture to be pulled away from the surface of the skin, through the fabric, and into the outside air.

It’s important to know that bacteria and yeast thrive in warm, moist, and dark environments. Since you won’t be wearing any panties while working out, your leggings will quickly soak up the sweat. That is why breathable leggings with good moisture management are necessary for a panty-less workout.

Also, if you’re not comfortable with crotch sweat, then leggings with moisture management features are a life-saver.

Simply look out for leggings that are labeled as “Quick-Dry” or “Cooling” while on your next activewear shopping trip. See reviews for activewear with moisture management properties.


Dry, Then Wash

Additionally, proper clothing care is important if you plan to workout in leggings without underwear. Avoid lounging in sweaty leggings post-workout as this is the perfect environment for yeast.

If left unwashed, bacteria can destroy the dye in your activewear fabric and leave a longlasting odor. If you don’t plan to wash your leggings immediately after exercising, air dry first before placing in the hamper with your other clothing.

Remember that bacteria from your skin stay trapped in your activewear fabric, so no amount of air-drying is going to get rid of them. The sooner you wash your activewear, the better, as bacteria living in your activewear can degrade the fabric properties.

Also, you can soak your activewear in vinegar and cold water for 20-30 minutes before washing. Soaking your activewear in the vinegar mixtur will help with killing the bacteria as well as odor control.


Last tip! If you are extra sensitive to the fragrant soaps and washes, use fragrant-free hypoallergenic laundry detergent since the tights are going to be in direct contact with your privates.

Is underwear necessary during exercise? Not really. Follow these tips for working out without underwear.

  1. Wear leggings constructed with a gusset
  2. Wear a cotton panty liner with your leggings
  3. Opt for thick and dark-colored leggings
  4. Find leggings with good moisture management properties
  5. Take proper care of your activewear

Share your tips for exercising without underwear in the comments!

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